Monday, June 11, 2012


Heard that Kings were the first 8th seed to win the Cup ... have to check that out.


Touch it, baby!!!!

Quick, MVP for Kings!!!!!

Man, I wish I was able to take the day off today to spend 6 hours at a fucking bar just to watch this game. I took Monday and Wednesday off last week, so I figured it was a bit much ... but I knew they would take it today.

That five minute major where the Kings scored three goals was the clincher. I don't think the Devils knew how to come back from that bad boarding call.



Bob said...

The Devils kept some dignity by winning two, & you got to celebrate on home ice.

Carrie said...

Well, that is one way to phrase it. Until tonight, the "talk" was that NJ was gonna do a beat down on LA.

Funny how things play out (grins).

Bob said...

In the playoffs, Devils weren't a beat down sort of team.

Tony said...

I am so very happy for you Carrie. It is fun to celebrate a championship for a team you've supported for years. The 3 consecutive powerplay goals changed the dynamics of the night, and from that point, the cup was yours. Still nothing I enjoy more then the final handshakes of both teams. That is what separates hockey from other teaches how to lose gracefully and the value of sportsmanship.

BC said...

Congrats! Glad your team won!

Carrie said...

Bob, I love you to death, but you are not a hockey enthusiast, so I don't think you got my comment about the beat down. Jersey just stuck it to the Kings two games in a row, and were coming back to Los Angeles to try to even up the series and take it back to Jersery for game seven. The talk was that the Devils were in a "beat down" mode, i.e., they had to come out hard and take the momentum from the very start. And they did just that, only they went a bit outside the normal hit to make a point, by that rather stupid boarding incident that Bernier had, drawing blood, and causing a five minute major. Now, had the Kings not capitalized (and I mean that with a Capital "C") on the power play with the three goals, the outcome may have been different. But those three goals were probably so demoralizing to the Devils that as hard and as well as they played thereafter, one is reminded how difficult it is in hockey to get out of a three goal deficit.

And Tony, thanks for the congrats, even though neither of us won any money from each other with the way the bet was structured. They say the parade will be this Thursday downtown, and again, I may have to forgo it due to work commitments, damn it (coupled with the fact that my daughter is graduating from Cal State L.A. on Saturday, and I have to leave early on Friday to get to the hotel near the school so I don't have to get up a 5 a.m. just to make her 8 a.m. graduation!

Beth, thanks for the props!

I am one happy Kings fan!

Bob said...

Not an enthusiast, but I know the kind of team that comes back from 0-3, & the Devils weren't it. 2004 Red Sox that called themselves "The Idiots."