Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Daughter Did It! A College Degree!

I am so proud I can bust inside! I have cried all day I am so happy for her. AND she is working (although it is just seasonal until October) at a photography studio that specializes in graduation photography! And, NO, she's not working in the darkroom, she is actually taking the pictures. One of the few graduates that is actually working in her field, a rarity. Getting a job is already hard enough.

She tagged me over at my Facebook page, and trust me, my crappy cell phone pictures are nothing compared to hers, so go check it out (Carrie Cann) and see all the fun and her friends and professors and what not. ENJOY!!!!!

P.S., it was interesting hearing the main speaker who recently left a position with the Obama administration to head up a UC college up north, talk about the battle over the interest rate on student loans (which made me yell out something about crappy republicans getting off of their assess -- I mean, for real??????). There were a lot of Obama plugs in his speech, but they did relate to "education" so they were relevant, especially to this 2012 graduating class.


Bob said...

Great day. No doubt after you yelled, Mercedes smiled at the graduate next to her & said, "That's my Mom."

BC said...

How wonderful! An achievement to be so proud of for sure! Congratulations!