Sunday, September 05, 2010

So Much For An "End" To American "Combat" Forces In Iraq

US troops have been called in to help Iraqi forces battle insurgents who attacked an army base in Baghdad, killing 12 people, officials say.

It marks the first such use of US troops since the end of US combat operations five days ago.

And it only took five fucking days for the "combat" to begin again! It's all a game of charade. Or the mind game of the Jedi. Either way, nothing to see here, move along. The 50,000 combat troops still in Iraq aren't really "combating" anything. And, of course, the stupid people believe this. But then again, it was the stupid people that applauded the invasion of Iraq in the first place, so why should we be surprised that taking a few troops out of Iraq while simultaneously leaving an alarming 50,000 (and yes, they are wearing combat fatigues, my friends) troops, and calling it an "end" to the "invasion" is just another perverse way Obama is trying to put a check mark to his imaginary promises he alluded to during his campaign to be elected President.

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