Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Health Insurance Companies The Real Abortionists

I believe that when insurance companies refuse to cover children with deadly diseases they are no different than doctors who perform abortions, and I am truly concerned with the two faced ideology espoused by the corporate elite republican wing nuts.

How is letting a child die because you don't want to pay (this isn't about not being able to pay, but is simply NOT wanting to pay) for treatment that can sometimes save that child's life, any different than an individual making the choice to abort a baby that she doesn't want or can't take care of?

The difference is that the one has the right to choose and one does not have the right to choose. And the right to life party is overtly opposed to aborting a child (claiming it is a real person at point of conception) yet is silent, pointedly so (in fact in support of) of the right of a private health insurance company to decide a child will have to die because the insurance company does not want to cut their bottom line, which is financial profit for a fucking corporation.

Since the Republicans have kept the Democrats from labeling their stance in support of a woman's right to choose what to do with her body, and be the party for choice not against choice, how can they support a policy of choosing to kill children, and why can't we just call them what they really are (since it riles up the Republican!)-- abortionists, or in favor of abortion like actions?

Health America decided to allow five year old Kyler Van Nocker to die rather than pay for more medicine, even though Health America raked in $97 million dollars in profits last year.

These are the actions of the corporate Americans that shame me as an American.

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