Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Stupid People

Apparently, this WSJ article is full of erroneous "comments" (well, it is an "opinion" piece, so facts don't matter, right?), which were picked up by some Senators, who then made these ridiculous statements on the floor of the Senate.

MR. BARRASSO: I want to make sure if [health care litigation] gets to the Supreme Court, that there are people on the Court who side with…what, to me the 10th Amendment means and what to my colleagues and my friends and the people of Wyoming what the 10th Amendment means, which the government can’t come into your homes and say you must do this. You must buy this product.

MR. SESSIONS: Well, I think that’s exactly correct.

All of this in support of the newest meme of the Republicans, that being that Kagan would have to recuse herself from any SCOTUS hearings on the health care reform that may or may not be headed for a showdown in the courts. Also to be interpreted as the Senators clearly saying they don't think unbiased opinions should be held on the Supreme Court floor - said opinions must be the same as those held by Mr. Barraso and Mr. Sessions.

As Think Progress notes:

Kagan has not done anything that would require her to recuse herself from the health care litigation if she becomes a justice. Federal law requires judges who are former government officials to recuse only when they “participated as counsel, adviser or material witness concerning the proceeding or expressed an opinion concerning the merits of the particular case in controversy.” In other words, a judge must have been a lawyer, adviser, or witness in the exact same lawsuit that is now before their court before they are required to recuse. Kagan has not served as an attorney in the health care litigation because none of these cases have reached an appeals court, and the Solicitor General normally only becomes involved in federal litigation at the appellate level, if at all.

Again with lies, and again putting out false, false, false, false (and in case you haven't got it yet, fucking FALSE) information which, again, the stupid people soak up. At first, it was just Republicans trying to stack SCOTUS, but in a stealth manner. Now the Republicans simply say out loud that unless a SCOTUS judge agrees with the Republican party's point of view on an issue, they should "recuse" themselves from hearing the matter! Stupid, stupid, stupid!


Truth is truth and it is not a truth based on placing it next to a falsity. And for the stupid people that think they have the right to substitute a truth for a falsity -- NO, you don't have that right. Without truth, there is no order, there is only chaos. And, if one looks around, all you see is chaos. That should be a warning sign, but again, stupid people don't see warning signs. They don't see anything but what is put in front of them. And hey, if a Senator says it's so, well that's a truth to stupid people. As that old saying goes, don't confuse me the facts, I already have my own opinion.

Like this story. A quarterly assessment prepared by the White House's Council of Economic states, with respect to the Recovery Act: "It has raised the level of GDP substantially relative to what it otherwise would have been and has saved or created between 2.5 and 3.6 million jobs as of the second quarter of 2010." But because we have stupid people, that have been told by their "leaders" that the Recovery Act (aka as the stimulus package) did not create a single job (while many of them were attending plant openings and things of that nature created with "stimulus" funds), the stupid people "question" whether the Recovery Act created jobs!

Many Americans are skeptical about whether the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 is really helping. In a CBS News poll this week, 56 percent of respondents said the stimulus hasn't had an impact on the economy, and 18 percent said it has made things worse. Just 23 percent said it has made the economy better.
2 plus 2 will always equal 4. A truth is a truth - except when stupid people have been told its not true, and are obligated to believe it. God forbid there would be any real inspection and evaluation of the "facts" to ascertain if the stimulus did, in fact, create jobs. Just nod your head in agreement and repeat after me ... no jobs here.

While the concept of putting out untruths alongside truths in order to water down the perception of the truth has been around for a long time, never before have I personally had to endure the level of stupidity around me based on this simple concept.

Stupid people. Don't forget to count your change, just in case 2 plus 2 equals 3 for you.

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