Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Who Says Money Doesn't Count?

It is funny how it comes about that certain people "know" you, for whatever reason.  For example, I always ordered food and booze from for years.  Then, after I experienced a significant depreciation in my income such that I was on food stamps and could not afford to pay the exorbitant prices from Yummy, it has been a good six months since I bought anything from the online store.

Until today.  I was mildly surprised that the delivery person actually went to my old apartment (in the same building) before she realized that I had moved!  She asked me, "uh, did you move?"

It cost me a little bit more, and I am not going to order on a regular basis, but I got what I wanted at this late hour, not to mention the recognition, and that is what counts.


Bob said...

Too bad they don't accept food stamps.

Tony said...

I never said money didn't count. Like my dad always said, "money may not buy happiness, but nothing gives you piece os mind like a bank account full of fuck you money." My dad always had the best sayings. I am happy to hear things are getting better for you. I was going to stop by the building and surprise you when I was in LA, but decided you may not appreciate that. Take care, and enjoy your new digs.

Carrie said...

Since I moved in 2007 and never personally gave you my new address, the fact that you ostensibly know it, gives me the creeps. Can you say "stalking?"

Tony said...

No stalking. I would have gone to the wrong building then, good thing I did not stop. I thought you moved within the same building. I did have dinner at Marie Callender's on Wilshire.