Thursday, March 28, 2013

Music To Eat By

I finally received my disabled bus pass in the mail.  It now costs me $14 a month instead of $75!  With that in mind, I took the bus out for a trial run today.

First off, given my new situation of not being employed, I have a lot of time on my hands on a daily basis.  I have been getting out of the house every day, and embarking on a journey, whether it is just to the Farmer's Market (and the Grove), or it's to Baja Fresh for a salad. 

Speaking of Baja Fresh, I have a pet peeve.  Why is it that a lot of "Mexican" eateries play "salsa" music instead of traditional Mexican music?  There is a vast difference from say, Celia Cruz and Ana Barbara.

I found myself today in Westwood, having started out going to the beach in Santa Monica, but stopping after traffic made me realize I would not get there until 5 p.m.  So, I walked around and found this Mexican restaurant, and went in for a late lunch.

I ordered soup and salad.

I didn't like either of them too much.  The salsa for the chips was better tasting. 

However, the music playing was salsa, and not Mexican.  Sheesh.

Ana Barbara - No Se Que Voy a Hacer

Celia Cruz - Bemba Colora

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