Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Through Music We Can Get Enlightenment" - One Love, Ya


Arno said...

A little late in listening to it through, but that is superb. My all-time favorite Marley tune, and done...superbly. Cool to see Keb'Mo in the mix, too. Best music in town, Bartender, thanks!

Carrie said...

I know I posted this video ages ago, but it was a god send recently. Let's just say that an anonymous donor provided sufficient funds for Zaire (my donate button is still active) to make a dent somewhat in the legal bills. As an aside, let it be known that while the court has yet to rule on the custody issues, the recommendation of the "very expensive custody evaluator" ($20,000) was that primary custody be given to my daughter, with visitation to the father. Meaning, Zaire can come home...if the court makes a ruling on the recommendation. Crossing fingers!