Sunday, January 27, 2013

Celebrate! I'm Moving

Dancing for joy!  This bitch is MOVING ... to a smaller apartment downstairs but in the same building.

Turns out, I live in the largest apartment in the building.  It's a one bedroom, about 750 square feet.  I cannot justify the rent any longer, given my current situation, and luckily, one of the singles opened up.  I bargained with the owner, and didn't get the exact rent I wanted, but we settled on what amounts to $25 more than I offered to pay.  I still will see approximately a $225 monthly savings on the rent, and will probably not have any more problems with social services because my rent is too high for the general relief and food stamps I am currently receiving.

I lived in a small single for ten years before I moved into this apartment with my grandson and my daughter eight years ago, so it's not that big of a deal to downsize.  Actually, I am enjoying getting rid of so many things.  Thank god for Craigslist!

I will have to get used to a small kitchen, but at least this apartment has a stove, whereas, my prior studio only had a top burner but no oven. I had to buy a convection oven, and even at that, it blew out the power so often it was just not worth using.  At least in this building, there is no problem with the electrical.  Also, no more schleping up the stairs and down the stairs, whether it is with laundry or groceries. 

I'll take pictures when I get fully settled, and share with everyone. 

Let's Celebrate!


BC said...

Yay! Good for you! Glad to hear you'll be saving so much money - that can only help!

Bob said...

Good move.