Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here We Go Again, Trying To Convince Regular Parents To Gut Public Education - Oh Pulllleeeezzzzeee

And people wonder why I hate Phil Anschutz (who I call Phil An Shitz)? (Side story relates to his ownership of the L.A. Kings, and after 10 seasons being a season ticket holder, when he took control of the helm and lied to us season ticket holders, I threw the tickets back - well not to him personally, but to his right hand man at the time, Tim Lieweke, who I used to call Tim Lies Weekly, or Tim Lies Weakly).

The world’s largest private-sector employer and the country’s most prominent conservative entertainment company have teamed up to sponsor a fundraiser called “Teachers Rock.” Backed by Walmart and Anschutz Film Group, the August 14 event will feature live performances from musicians like Josh Groban and appearances from actresses like Viola Davis; it will be broadcast August 18 as a CBS special with messages from actresses like Meryl Streep. And it will promote the upcoming feature film Won’t Back Down, Anschutz’s entry in the “education reform” wars.

I can't believe that people like Josh Groban and actress Viola Davis got hood winked into this ALEC sponsored bullshit that is code for privatizing public schools and eliminating the longstanding public education that's been a foundation of America for years.

What do you call a nation that has private police forces, private first responders, and private schools at the expense of the public alternative? Banana republics.

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