Saturday, June 09, 2012

Interesting World Globes

I bought this globe for $5 at a garage sale today.

Here is a picture of one with a different stand, but obviously in better condition. Another one to check out as well.

Here is a picture of another one, again in better quality, but more in line with the stand I have (except someone seems to have painted the stand on mine).

This is the label on the globe. It is obviously from the 1930's, and some of the countries on the globe do not even exist anymore.

I've always had an interest in globes and maps.

Bottom line, if this Hammond's globe was even close to being in mint condition, it'd be worth close to $2,000!!!! I'd have to check, but even in the condition mine is in, it should be worth a few hundred dollars. Not bad for a $5 investment!

I also got another globe, but I'll take pictures of it and post about it later.


Bob said...

Love globes.

BC said...

Cool find! I like globes too. Have always wanted one of those giant ones for my make believe library in my make believe mansion. :)