Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Junior Seau, RIP 5/2/12

Chargers He wasn't just a football player, he was so much more. He was loved by everyone in our family, our organization and throughout the NFL. This is just such a tragic loss. One of the worst things I could ever imagine. My prayers go out to Junior's family. It's heartbreaking.

--Chargers president Dean Spanos

I am at a loss for words on this. Junior Seau was one of my favorite players of all time, but more so because he was a Charger, and being a fan since 1979 ...

I did find it interesting to read that Junior's death is the ninth eighth death of the only Charger team to play in the Super Bowl.

I just can't figure out if it really was suicide. The man was eternally happy and up. He had his foundation, he loved the San Diego area, and was truly loved by the fans and the locals. He was also not concussion prone in his career, so I feel we can rule that out.

Sad day for all of us that love football, the Chargers and Junior. RIP, bro.


Beth Chapa said...

Truly sad...I have to wonder about the suicide theory also...most people who shoot themselves don't do it in the chest. I just read the coroner may know this afternoon yet. Will be eager to learn of the results even though the end result will never be different.

Carrie said...

Well, there is a lot of controversy regarding "head" injuries, and there have been a few NFL suicides that have been "shots in the chest" not in the head, but they were accompanied by notes that indicated they player wanted his brain to be used in studies relating to concussions and brain trauma and early death "syndrome" as it relates to NFL players (as well as hockey players). But, Junior's injuries were not really related to concussions, hence my "not suicide" feelings ... but we shall see.