Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Want To Feel Good? Watch This Video Of An Autistic Adult Singing The National Anthem

This actually made me cry.

It's an amazing thing to watch when people actually support one another. Things like this remind me that America is really not the hate mongering country that our politicians and corporations would like us to believe. Like how Fox and its minions continue to deceive their viewers into thinking that ALL of America is truly divided. It is not. It is only the dysfunctional government, i.e., congressmen and senators, state and federal levels, and whom they are beholding to (ah, those pesky corporate "persons") that have a reason to ramp up the divisiveness. Average, regular Americans are simply not hateful. It's a minority of our country, and a majority of our politicians that advance this ideology.

H/T to Pics and Random Stuff.

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