Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hmmm, Who Really Is The "Murderer," Pfc. Manning Or Staff Sgt. Robert Bales?

As always, Glenn Greenwald puts things eloquently into perspective:

Think about that: if you expose to the world previously unknown evidence of widespread wanton killing of civilians (as Manning allegedly did), then you will end up in the same place as someone who actually engages in the mass wanton killing of civilians (as Bales allegedly did), except that the one who committed atrocities will receive better treatment than the one who exposed them. That’s a nice reflection of our government’s value system (similar to the way that high government officials who commit egregious crimes are immunized, while those who expose them are aggressively prosecuted). If the chat logs are to be believed, Manning decided to leak those documents because they revealed heinous war crimes that he could no longer in good conscience allow to be concealed, and he will now find himself next to a soldier who is accused of committing heinous war crimes.

Greenwald has been on a one-man crusade to try to educate Americans as to just how far this country has gone over the hill with respect to banana republic rulers, i.e. not only Bush, and his predecessors (ah, Iran/Contra comes to mind), but Obama as well. Whomever has the misplaced idea that Obama is a peace loving American has not been paying attention. Under Obama, the "Patriot Act" has been given a new meaning, and more (worse) powers than ever thought believable unless you lived in the Soviet Union during the cold war era. And the above quote from Mr. Greenwald is especially telling.

To top it off, the Afghans that actually witnessed the massacre still claim more than one shooter is involved, but our wonderful country whisks away the "lone" perpetrator, and then gives this mass murderer better treatment in "jail" than Pfc. Manning, whose only alleged crime was to "leak" to the press the very atrocities Robert Bales actually committed.

If you believe you live in the "land of the free and the home of the brave" you might need to see a doctor.


Bob said...

It's becoming common enough for people our age to say this nation is increasingly unrecognizable to us. It's not the changes in popular culture or music or technology, we just roll with that. It's something deeper.

Carrie said...

There has always been corruption and back room deals in this country. What is new is the level of open lying, and the defiance of logic by the liars. The stupid people accept the lies, like the woman who was elderly, fell down, broke her hip and refused to see a doctor because she was convinced that Obamacare was going to kill her because of the death panels that are part of the medical system! She died seven or so days after her fall, rather than receive medical care. That is what this country has turned into. No one stands up for justice, equality, righteousness, liberty, fairness, truth, and no one calls out the lies and liars for what and who they are. It's disgusting, perverted, and will lead to the demise of this country, maybe even in our lifetime.

Arno said...

Agreed, it certainly seems like the bottom has fallen out of our nation's soul. It compounds daily.

Arno said...

Oh, that, and the fact that gullible and stupid are compounding daily, too. Sigh.