Thursday, February 09, 2012

You Just Never Know What Star Is Sitting Next To You In Hollywood

I did a post a while back about true angelenos that included a bit about the nonchalance with respect to famous stars. True angelenos would not go all Lucy Ricardo on the star, and at best, they would just say ... "I love your work."

So tonight, it was like older ladies at the bar, and this tall blonde dude at the end, very unassuming. We were having a great discussion about Vegas, when two women of my age sat in between us, and at some point, one of them said to the blonde dude, "I love your work." I was like ... who is that? I thought he was just some business dude, who I see all the time at my watering hole.

Lo and behold, it was Ken Howard! Once I realized that (noticing that tonight we were watching basketball on the big screen at the bar and he made some comment about the white players on the team which to him, meant the teams were from the midwest, and he was right ... and still I did not make the connect) he was THE Ken Howard from The White Shadow, which I have to admit, I watched religiously ... I was so impressed by his charisma and his lack of "look at me, I am a famous person" while we still traded "name dropping" in our respective stories about entertainment.

And this man is the president of the Screen Actors Guild. Damn ... ya never know who is sitting next to you in Hollywood!

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