Friday, January 20, 2012

RIP Etta James

This song seems to be jammed for some reason and won't play past 20 seconds. I am working on it. Until I can get the live version up, this You Tube should do for now.

Riffing off of a DJ Rix post about Etta James, the song above is entitled "Baby, What You Want Me To Do?" and is from a live album recorded in 1964 called Etta James Rocks The House. The song is hilarious to me, and one of my absolute favorite. The sexual innuendo was palatable!

I have 65 song titles by Etta, so, obviously, I do not fall into the category that Rick describes in his post. I believe I first became familiar with Etta when I was a teenager, and she had a tune that was playing on the radio, both the soul station and the pop station, entitled "Tell Mama."

Another song that had sexual overtones that I liked, "Roll With Me Henry" actually later on had the name changed to "Dance With Me Henry" to avoid censors. She recorded this song in 1955, but co-authored it in 1954 with Johnny Otis (who passed away three days before Etta died).

The B side to the 1961 single "At Last" had this memorable song"I Just Want To Make Love To You."

Obviously, I could put up a lot more songs given the large catalog I have of her tunes, but I will close out the evening on Etta with the song she has been mostly associated with her entire life, as a fitting tribute, "At Last."

UPDATE: Since Rix gave me a shout out for a "small but choice tribute," I am adding some more songs! Can't stick with small, but choice works for me.

"A Sunday Kind Of Love"
"Hoochie Coochie Gal"
"Trust In Me"

You and Otis ... what were the chances, eh? Make some good music up there.

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