Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rebecca Ferguson

I was watching The Graham Norton Show tonight, and they had this singer on that I had never heard of, Rebecca Ferguson. After doing some research I discovered she was part of that X Factor show (which I don't watch, puuuulllleeeezzzzeee, American Idol rejects, boredom at this stage of my life). But before I did research on her, I listened to her performance, and quite frankly, she reminded me, based on that one song, of a sober Amy Winehouse. I miss Amy, but hope you like this song.

Rebecca Ferguson - Nothing's Real But Love

P.S., the show was seriously funny, having one of my fave comic/actors on, Eddie Izzard, not to mention Robert Downey, Jr. and Judd Law pimping their Sherlock Holmes sequel.

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Anonymous said...

you should listen to her other stuff and the songs she sung on the XFactor, they're still on line.
For once someone who CAN sing entered a karaoke contest.
She is a mum of two from Liverpool.