Saturday, December 03, 2011

Kids, Santa Claus, And Assault Rifles, Merry Christmas!

Great! Guns and Santa Claus. This is just not the image I want in my head for Christmas.

Don't get me wrong. Although I am not a proponent of liberal gun laws, in fact I think they should be outlawed, I have to admit that as a child I played cops and robbers and cowboys and Indians just like the rest of my generation. And I also admit that I have bought play rifles and pistols for my grandson, although I always tell him to NEVER ever point the play guns at anyone's face. I'd teach him not to point it at a person, but the whole point of buying him a toy gun is for us to shoot each other !

Still, for the Arizona Gun Club to invite children to take pictures with Santa with an array of assault weapons ... that just churns my stomach. Something is just inherently wrong with this picture.

The Vandals - A Gun For Christmas

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