Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Amy Winehouse, Happy Birthday Up There Girlfriend

I am sad that she ended up in the 27 club, but glad that all the gossip about how she actually died turned out not to be true. The woman had a problem with alcohol, as anyone who ever saw her perform knows FOR A FACT! She always had her Jack and Coke on the stage, and by the end of her shows, she was plastered. For me, that was what was enthralling about her. She could record these perfect songs, but her performances were marred by her addiction to alcohol, and she was real, even if totally drunk. I just loved her.

Not a day goes by since 2007 that I don't listen to at least one Amy song. Most of the time I listen to her entire Back to Black album, as well as other songs from her concerts.

Happy Birthday, Amy. You certainly impacted my life.

Just Friends ... story of my life with (married) men!

This song is dedicated to a lover I had, that didn't really "get" me.

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