Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PA School District Using Sheep To Trim School Property!

I know budget cuts to school districts are no laughing matter, but one has to chuckle a bit at this school district's unique way to deal with it.

In Carlisle, Pennsylvania, those cuts meant putting an end to traditional means of cutting grass at two local schools. Instead of lawnmowers, the schools are using sheep:

Rather than spend money on cutting grass, the Carlisle School District has brought in 7 Romney sheep to tend the fields. “They’ve done a good job so far,” says Superintendent John Friend.

The sheep come free of charge, since they belong to the principal of the middle school. Friend estimates that they will save the district about $15,000 this year in mowing costs.

H/T to Think Progress.


Arno said...

A shame it comes to this, funding-wise, but that's nifty thinking by the principal.crairlo

Arno said...

Oops. Sheesh.

Carrie said...

I am not sure about this, but it may be a "first" insofar as using sheep to "mow" the lawn, in real life by a school district or other professional entity. While I am sure this is practiced on a personal level by many who have rural areas and allow animals to graze, the only time I've ever "seen" this happen are in movies or on TV and in comedic situations, meant to elicit a laugh. Communities are now becoming so desperate that what was once a comedy punchline is now a reality.