Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse Dead?

I am in shock, and still not sure if this is true. But it is up on the Wikipedia page.

Not that it was an unexpected and foreseeable future event, given the amount of alcohol and drug abuse inherent in her life.

But, still ... to lose such an authentic voice at that age (27) is extremely sad. She was, by far, one of my favorite vocalists.


Before "Back to Black" Amy.


Here is a podcast from Crooks and Liars of a concert by Amy in 2007. I actually had all the videos from this concert, and would watch them EVERY FUCKING NIGHT for about six months. I was/am really into Amy, and as already noted, am deeply saddened at her early demise. These videos were unavailable after Amy won all those Grammys in 2009, but this music only version of the concert is available, so enjoy. While the visuals are lost (such as her always going to the edge of the stage, squatting down to pick up her glass of Jack and Coke, and her stumbling around and definite drunkenness at the end of her set), you can certainly "hear" her forgetting words, slurring them, and some awkward pauses. Still, it's a great concert, and enjoy!

UPDATE: The Crooks and Liars podcast won't open up, so here it is from my collection.

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