Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SYTYCD -- So Buck!

I've long ago given up trying to beat the YouTube police posting videos of great dances only to have them online for like 15 minutes! All I can say about this season's dancers is ... fuck me! The talent bar is so high that I cannot even imagine any one of the 20 dancers being booted off! Seriously!

Travis Wall, once a contestant (coming in second, I believe in season two) is, to me, the Mia Michaels replacement choreographer. Just as she garnered an Emmy for her choreography, the prediction has been made tonight that Travis' piece would garner him the first Emmy for this 8th season.

While on the show, Wall danced in a Mia Michaels piece -- "The Bench," for which she later won an Emmy for Outstanding Choreography. It is probably the most well known dance piece in the history of SYTYCD.

Another famous Mia Michaels piece -- Twitch and Katee, Season Four

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