Monday, May 16, 2011

My Take On This Season's Survivor Redemption Island

This had to be the most boring of all the Survivor shows since day one, and I should know, since I have been watching it from day one.

One thing that needs to be said: This show is not about one's integrity. I am sick and tired of listening to people bash winners and others who have the temerity to "play" the game and vote people off! It's OUTLAST, OUTWIT and OUTPLAY. It's on the Survivor logo. It does not say BE NICE, PLAY NICE, MAKE FRIENDS.

Boston Rob played his entire tribe like a flute, and one note at a time, he blew them off. As host Jeff Probst said, Rob played probably the most perfect game in Survivor history. And, technically, that is correct. But, he could not have done that unless his tribe was filled with twits, and it was, hence Rob's ability to control and manipulate each and every one of them.

But the really creepy part for me this year was all the religion imbedded in the show. There was more talk about "God" wanting people to either be in the game or not be in the game, which is garbage. I cannot stand it when people thank "God" for a win (as if "God" gave two shits who wins the World Series, an Oscar, or Survivor - and who BLAMES "God" when they lose, anyway?). I can understand people of faith using their faith as a means to get through tough things, even if the "tough" thing is a game of sports, or a career in Hollywood, etc. Attesting to your faith is tantamount to agreeing that YOU, the person, did what you did, and your faith is what helped you, not "God." "God" is an intangible ... you cannot touch, feel, see, hear or speak directly to "God." Your faith in a "God" however, can give you strength to persevere, but I take issue with anyone that tells me, or says publicly, "God" wanted them to "win," "be where they are," etc. "God" doesn't "want." "God" is. People "want."

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