Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron passed away on Friday. Although a great many articles written about him and his music try to attribute to him the origins of rap, etc., I always saw him as a blues man, personally. I thought it interesting that many stories connected him with the Last Poets from the 1960's who were more definitely a protesting type of group. Here is probably GSH's most famous song, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

His most successful collaborations were with Brian Jackson. Both the above song, and this next one, The Bottle, appeared on the album Winter In America.

And to counter-balance the tone, here is sampling of the Last Poets - Run Nigger.

Last Poets - White Man's Got A God Complex

RIP, my brother.

Update: for Arno, what's the word ... Johannesburg


Arno said...

I remember him the same way. "What's the Word?"...

Carrie said...

What's the word?
Tell me brother, have you heard
From Johannesburg?
What's the word?

Song titled "Johannesburg," album titled "From South Africa To South Carolina" circa, what 1976?

Carrie said...

For a white boy in redneck country, I am a bit taken back by your breadth of knowledge of music.

Arno said...

LOL! That's jes me, I reckon! I've always tried to keep open ears to all music. Very nice of you to say that, thanks!

Home Inspector Training said...

I am grateful to the universe to have had the spirit and soul of Gil Scott-Heron for as long as we did. As long as we speak his name he will never be forgotten. Whenever, I hear your voice, your music my heart smiles. I LOVE YOU and welcome your spirit as I meditate and pray. I will see you next lifetime.

Carrie said...

Poignant, indeed, Inspector. I hope you enjoyed the few pieces I put up for one's listening pleasure.