Monday, April 04, 2011

What Pieces Of Information Are You Leaving Behind?

I think it is fascinating to observe those that read my blog, especially since there was a lot of "attention" given to it during the dog days of court over my grandson.

In the screen capture for the day of the hearing that sent Zaire off to Chicago back in February, not only was someone reading everything on my blog, but they were downloading the links to all of MY links (like to MyDD, DailyKos, Pams House Blend, etc.) as well as to the comment section.

Hey, what is that old saying about when they stop talking about you ... ? LOL!

I just think it is hilarious that people do not realize the amount of information they leave behind just by visiting websites.

On the bright spot, thanks to the Googlebot web crawler, I now have a Google page ranking of 3! Yippee (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest). For sure, I am not up there in the rankings, but hey, I am ranked, damn it! Not a whole lot of bloggers (and there are millions of us out there) can say that, right?

I am coming up on my 6th blogversary this month. Six years of blogging. Wow!


Bob said...

I think I see me on that list.

Carrie said...

Yeah, I see you as well! The regular readers are easy to spot (that's you, Arno, and Tony). On the last pix of the screen capture there are little magnifying glasses. On the actual page (not the screen capture) if you click on them, it gives you what is the first picture (which also includes a map of the world with a little red dot showing where the person's ISP is located). As you can see, it even tells you if you are using a cell phone (Android) to view the blog, as well as each and every page the person viewed and/or downloaded (meaning they linked out to something off my blog). Before the web crawler started, I used to average only 10 or 20 views a day (except when CSI aired that Chateau Rouge episode), but now I routinely get 40/50 views. What's even more astounding is the page views, especially from my archives. In the last two months, pages viewed went from 500/600 to 1,200/1,300! Without the Google botting me, these pages would be history!