Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Pictures And Video Of Ruby Summer At Hollywood Renaissance Hotel

Simon and Nick, from work, and Nicks wife, Georgiana.

Hana (from work) and Hani (from Good Neighbors)

Manly feeding frenzy - Jerry and some others I do not know.


Chrissy (my friend who skated in the Swayze film "Skatetown U.S.A. with me), and Gia.

The groupies, already!


Their performance of "Mermaids and Poets" - sorry for the cell phone quality, but you can scroll down a few posts and view a better video!

It was great to be surrounded by friends, family and even co-workers the night following "le tragic" event. The girls even have "groupies" if you can believe it, dressing up like them! I had a blast, my friends had a blast, my co-workers had a blast, and I enjoyed the love projected by my very talented family.


Bob said...
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Bob said...

I like the simple choreography.

Carrie said...

Ha ha. Not much you can do in a bar and lounge. Who knows what will be if/when they start playing larger venues. It's not like the family can't dance (more laughing). I would have been able to take a better phone video, but then I would have had to stand in front of people that were already seated, and I thought that would be rude.