Saturday, January 08, 2011

First Round Of Wild Card Playoffs

Tough teams to pick someone to root for, given my Chargers were not one of them.

I picked Seattle over New Orleans, and the Jets over the dreaded Colts (despite how much I like Peyton). So, I'm batting 1,000 thus far. Let's see how tomorrow plays out.


Arno said...

Well, my Titans were out long ago, so I can sympathize with you and your Chargers. I guess I'll have to pull for the Falcons in the end. I grew up a Falcons fan, but finally ditched them out of utter frustration, and when pro football came to Tennessee (my birthplace), the only time I have ever switched a sports loyalty. My family and friends still call me a traitor. Eh.
Might not be online for awhile, as we are looking at a serious (for Southerners) snow and ice event tonight. At least I have my music and books and seed catalogs to entertain me!

Carrie said...

Today's games were sort of yawners. KC sucked, but I was rooting against them. Can't have anyone from my division representing this conference in the Super Bowl except Chargers! I was rooting for Mike Vick and the Eagles, and they did manage to make a last ditch effort to come back, but in the end, GB's defense was just too strong.

Now ... who are your next picks?

Arno said...

Falcons, Bears. 8 inches of snow by morning, then freezing rain for a nice un-thawable topping. Yuk.