Saturday, October 16, 2010

How Did You Spend Your Day, Today?

Busy day.

Took Zaire to his fourth singing class. I got good feedback from the students and parents who used the CD I made to help in learning the songs. The teacher is adamant, it appears, in adding a fourth song. This is a five week course, and she's planning a "show." I gather the kids will sing all four songs, not very good, and not very well choreographed (yeah, she's put in dance moves). Again, if it were me, I would have concentrated on one song, and in the five weeks, would have taught the children not only how to sing it well, maybe with some harmony, but they would appear to their parents and others that would see the performance that they learned to do something, and do it well. [sigh]

After the class, we skipped our regular diner experience and went directly to the Grove. Had lunch at Johnny Rockets, where we haven't been on a Saturday in a month or so. Then we went to P.O. to mail out a ukulele to a friend. After that, we headed to the "Autumn Festival" at the Grove.

There was a petting zoo ...

a face painting booth ...

and a pumpkin patch!