Sunday, September 12, 2010

What The World Needs Now

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Arno said...

I remember that well (I don't know what bigary is), and how it resounded in the Arno family.

...just...too little of.

Carrie said...

Yeah, for me, every time I hear it, I cry, especially when listening to Ted Kennedy give his eulogy and he starts to stumble with his words trying to avoid crying.

What I like about the new school that was built on the old Ambassador Hotel grounds where RFK was assassinated is that the words Teddy said are engraved in large stone blocks that are part of an open area that abuts Wilshire Blvd. where anyone can sit and just enjoy the view, i.e., it's not specifically restricted to students and is somewhat officially "off campus" as it were.

And, Arno, being as old as we both are, I am sure you and I remember all too well the three assassinations referenced in the song, JFK, MLK, and RFK.

Sad, sad, indeed.

"What is prejudice?" "Um, I think it is when somebody is sick."

As they say, out of the mouths of children. We are inundated with "sick" people in the world today. God help us.