Saturday, August 21, 2010

San Diego Chargers!

Well, it's pre-season again, a time when everyone's team has a clean slate.

As usual, for the past 31 years, I am rooting for my San Diego Chargers. For starters, I was sure that the Chargers had released Darren Sproles, but much to my relief, he's still a Charger (yeah!).

Now, this rookie running back, Ryan Mathews ... he's pretty damn good (and cute too!) in this game I am watching (against the hapless Dallas Cowboys, who by the way, finally scored an offensive touchdown in this, their third pre-season game).

Best play of the first half? After Rivers throws an interception to Barry Church who runs it down the field toward a touchdown, but the last player Church has to get by is Philip Rivers, who fucking tackles him down at the 8 yard line!!!

I love watching Rivers play, even in pre-season, he has his game face. The man never stops trash talking and there's always an emotional high watching him play. I am also liking newcomer Brandyn Dombrowski.

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