Sunday, August 01, 2010

More Examples Of Deluded Stupid People

According to anonymously-sourced reports pushed by right-wing blogs last weekend, members of Mexico's notorious Zetas drug gang crossed the border into Texas and, "in what could be deemed an act of war," seized two ranches near the border town of Laredo. The situation was dire, wingers warned, but a government enforced media blackout kept knowledge of the raid from the general public.


No, not really.

Here's the thing: the "raid" never happened.

If you keep reading the piece from TPM, you'll find out that no such raid happened. The police department allegedly contacted doesn't have jurisdiction in the area where the alleged farms were seized (captured, stormed, whatever the nut jobs were calling it), and when the whole story was debunked, those really over the edge stupid people decided that it did happen, but Obama government is covering it up!

At least this time I'm laughing, not banging head against the keyboard. I mean, come on! It's one things to take something, a shred of a truth, and rip it with lies until the kernel of truth can no longer be found. It's another to just make shit up that never, ever happened! It shows you how gullible the stupid people are.

Stupid is, as stupid does, so the saying goes.

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