Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Grief Charlie Brown! Now Harry Reid Joins The Insanity

More stupidity in Washington over the planned Muslim community center in NYC. This time, it is Democrat Harry Reid, of all people!

I totally, totally, totally do not understand these people. The foaming at the mouth, over the top level of hate, astounds me. The demonizing a religion that is fast overtaking the world is sheer stupidity, coupled with an enormous amount of ignorance. From claims that Islam is not a religion, to claims that Islam is the voice of the devil or demonology, just blows my mind.

America is NEVER, ever, going to go backwards, people. This land that was invaded to begin with back before it became the country we know as the United States of America, already was populated with indigenous people of dark skin, from the south and from the north. And yet, despite the fact that white people were not the natural population of this continent, white Americans believe that somehow, the good ole USA is supposed to be for white people only. The meme is to get back to our roots, which really is inane when one actually ponders that thought, because the roots of white people were never in this country to begin with!

The religious superiority claims of the white Christians who somehow have been brain drained and fed some sort of crap that God wants America to be white and Christian totally belies the fact that this country was founded (however illegal it may have been) on immigration -- of people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds. As each successive wave of immigrants arrived, however, older Americans (whom I can pretty much say with some sense of truthfulness probably cannot trace their origins to a purely white background, given the merging of cultures throughout the world -- many white people who have their DNA tested for their origin of race find out that they have percentages of Native American, sub-Saharan and eastern European in their DNA!) I would bet that one would be hard pressed to find a "pure" white American these days.

I am totally opposed to those that are stirring up untruths about Islam and Muslims, and who are projecting their rancid ideology onto the general public under the guise of concern for the sanctity of ground zero. The idiocy of such concern is borne out by the very REAL fact that there is currently a mosque in the Pentagon! The fucking Pentagon, which was also attacked on 9/11! Where are the crowds calling for it to be closed because of the "hallowed ground" theory? Um, not gonna happen. So, next time you hear someone voicing a very stupid opinion about the Cordoba House, why not ask them about the mosque in the Pentagon. Come to think of it, why not ask Harry Reid why it's ok to have a mosque in the Pentagon, which was also attacked, and where people lost their lives, but it's not ok to have a community center, albeit, a Muslim center, a few blocks from ground zero?

Another reminder of the fact that the Democratic party is spineless, inept, seriously afraid of its own shadow, and clearly not representative of the progressive and liberals that it is supposed to represent.

Harry Reid -- you are one stupid individual. You need a good slap upside your head.

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