Friday, August 27, 2010

FRT, Imagination

I am tempted to forgo tonight's FRT based on the DMCA take down notice from my last week's version. I had planned on loading up the songs from Neil Diamond's Hot August Night album, which was a taped performance of his concert at the Greek Theater back in the 1970's.

I don't care if any of you like Neil Diamond at all. He is a rather erudite songwriter/musician, whose works are standards in music.

I am listening to the album now. I'll probably put up ONE song, and hope I pass the DMCA smell test!

Growing up in Los Angeles, many of us avoided paying to see acts play at the Greek Theater by climbing up into the trees that surrounded the stage and seating area (the Greek is in the giant Griffith Park area). We were always noticed because after the regular seated audience would finish their applause, then we, the "tree people" would be heard clapping and whopping it up. In this album, it's nice that Neil "acknowledged" the tree people after he thanked the people in the audience.

You have to play these back to back.

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