Tuesday, July 27, 2010

War Money, Capaign Finance Reform Bust, "Netroots Schizo," And Art

Months behind schedule and stripped of money for domestic stimulus programs, legislation to fund the troop surge in Afghanistan was sent to President Barack Obama on Tuesday after disgruntled Democrats failed to block it.

Democratic leaders had to rely on Republican support to pass the almost $59 billion measure to fund Obama's additional 30,000 troops in Afghanistan and other programs. The final vote was 308-114. Twelve Republicans and 102 Democrats opposed it.


With the new war spending, the total amount of money that Congress has allotted for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan surpasses $1 trillion.

This is just amazingly ridiculous and stupid, I have almost nothing to say about it!

The Senate Republicans, voting as a bloc, just sustained their filibuster of campaign finance reform. The vote was 57 - 41. All the Democrats present, even Ben Nelson, voted to end the filibuster. (Reid voted no for procedural reasons.) Remember when John McCain used to be an advocate for campaign finance reform, before he flipped on that issue like every other? What a fraud. And, Maine has a Clean Elections law, which passed as a citizen initiative back in 1996. So, this should have been an easy vote for Snowe and Collins, but they must show fealty to Mitch McConnell and the GOP funders, not Mainers.

Another score for the corporate people! Down with real people, damn it!

And then, there's "Netroots Schizo."

I had a good time in Vegas, so I didn't spend a huge amount of time at NN, but I did spend enough time to take in the mood, and it was schizophrenic. About half the people there are some combination of angry, disappointed and bitter with Democrats in general and Obama in particular.

This group sees him as not a heck of a lot better than George Bush, and in fact the Democrat who extended some of Bush's worst policies, especially in civil liberties. This includes a lot of feminists (angry at what they see as betrayals on abortion), many Hispanics angry at the continued harsh enforcement of immigration laws, gays who feel Obama has betrayed clear promises on gay rights, anti-war activists saddened by escalation in Afghanistan and elsewhere, and a mishmash of folks who think health care reform was a dog's breakfast and that the general way the economy and financial reform has been handled is a disgrace.

Then there are the folks who would characterize themselves, in general, as hard-nosed pragmatists and "realists". These range from the "Obama is the greatest liberal president since FDR" types, who think that the Obama is just wonderful and those progressives and liberals who don't agree are simply delusional to those who feel that a lot of what he's done has been watered down pap in general but that it's certainly better than nothing and that those who are disappointed are unrealistic idealists who simply don't understand the constraints Obama and Congressional Democrats are working under.

Those that read MY blog regularly, know exactly what camp I am in.

Mear One is still working on his mural, although he doesn't need the machine to push him to the top of the building to work. Now, all he needs is a ladder to finish it up. I'll post some pictures of his progress, as well as pictures of the subject (so you can get a perspective of the work Mear has done) in a day or two.

So ... how is the week going for you?


Arno said...

My sinus headache just got worse. "Constraints", indeed.
I still read dkos often for the wealth of posts and diaries it offers, as well as other Democratic-oriented sites, but it wears me out seeing all the praise for anything "Democratic". A very interesting C&L article. The netroots is divided.
How could it not be? We got the sorry spectacle of this sold-out President the other day, cynically telling progressives to "keep up the fight".
What's good for an especially aggravated sinus headache, Bartender?

Carrie said...

Bloody Mary!