Monday, June 14, 2010

SciFi Friday Night To Become A Thing Of The Past

Before the SciFi channel went SyFy, I was a die hard fan, dating back to the Farscape and Stargate era. It seemed that they always came up with some new and interesting original programming. Right now, Stargate Universe and Merlin are interesting enough to keep watching.

But SyFy has now decided it wants to replace the Friday night programming with ... wait ... drum roll please ... “Friday Night SmackDown”wrestling! Yeah, you got that right!

Ultimately “SmackDown” marks the devolving of the network for a sweet, sweet slice of that 18-to-34 male demographic that sponsors love so much. That means money.

So move over, nerds! This is the jocks’ table now. Or it will be come October when the “SmackDown” deal takes effect.

Um, the 18-35 male demographic that would actually watch wrestling will be OUT ON A FRIDAY NIGHT, NOT SITTING AT HOME WATCHING WRESTLING, DIMWITS!

It's we science fiction nerds that are home on a Friday night watching your damn stations. Putting SciFi Friday Night on Tuesdays ... yeah, ok, whatever. I'll be watching, even if it is DVR'd and watched on FRIDAY, damn it! Good luck with getting those manly studs to stay home on Friday to watch your wretched Smack Down shows!

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