Sunday, May 30, 2010

Get Over Yourself, Miley Cyrus - You Just Aren't All That

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus has no desire to hear her songs performed on Glee - insisting she is not a fan of the hit TV series.

The singer/actress shot to fame playing a singing school student on Disney's Hannah Montana, but unlike Lady Gaga and Madonna, who have had their music showcased on Glee, the 17 year old can't stand the programme.

She tells Billboard, "Honestly, musicals? I just can't. What if this was real life and I was just walking down the street on Rodeo Drive and all of a sudden I just burst into song about how much I love shoes?... (But) it would get hits on YouTube."

I really have to laugh at this one. She's turned into one hell of a snob, and to be honest, her show was rather stupid (I've only seen a few episodes, though, because my grandson has started watching stuff like ICarly, among other teen shows, and since I monitor his television watching, I have to watch the shows with him). She overacts, and yeah, she can sing, but mostly in just an average way. It's not like she has a vocal range of say, Mariah Carey (laughing). I do not see her having much of a career as an adult. Sorry honey, but you're no Glee performer. And for the record, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that show! I don't care that it has no real basis in reality, it's a fun show to watch, and as a singer (and dancer), the music and dance scenes are great. And Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch)? Ha ha ha, the best meanie on television by far!


Bob said...

Rodeo Drive? She sure is down with her average fan, a 10 year old girl who loves Glee.

Carrie said...

Good point, Bob.

You know, there are five or six television shows that are geared toward the pre-teen group, that are based on "singing." Shows like "Victorious," and "Big Time Rush," come to mind. They are all "Hannah Montana" type shows, but in a way, also like "Glee" in that the kids are always breaking into song and dance routines, but they are woven into the story lines. Miley's show was about a singer who led a double life, one as a normal teenager, and one as a teenage sensation. So, in her little tv world, "singing" and "performing" were literal.

I've also noticed while watching these shows with my grandson, that they throw in little videos of teen artists I've never heard of, and they all sound the same. Mostly girls with exactly the same vocal range and sound. Somewhere just a tad under the talent of Britney Spears, but no where near that of Christina Aguillera.

Of course, Zaire still loves him some Sponge Bob!!!! (He has Sponge Bob sheets and pillowcase, blanket, pajamas, slippers and a small pillow - sometimes he's just a walking Sponge Bob!)