Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Still Hear Your Voice, Warren Wiebe

Today is the tenth anniversary of the death of Warren Wiebe. I've written enough about him that he has his own label for posts.

I really wish that more people heard him sing, although, judging by his book of work, most people have heard him sing, albeit unaware as he sang back up to more famous artists like Celine Dion and Gloria Estefan.

I ran a search for newer YouTube videos, but most of what has been recently posted has the embedding disabled by the user, which means I cannot actually put it on my blog, I can only direct you to the YouTube URL.

Also, as many of my regular readers know, he sang at the Los Angeles Kings' hockey games, but instead of performing the traditional Star Spangled Banner, he sang America, The Beautiful, always ending the last verse with his right index finger pointed skyward, above his head. He was a tenor, and a protege of David Foster (think Josh Groban, if you have no clue who David Foster is -- interestingly enough I found some "blog" apparently attributed to Foster, and today's posts, duh, are about Warren).

Warren committed suicide, and for the life of me, no matter how many sites I Google, I have never, in ten years, found out how he did it (not that it matters). You know though, how people wonder, about suicides, and what manner the person chose to go out. Me, personally, only if I am diagnosed with Alzheimer's would I even consider taking my own life, and trust me, I have about as much talent as Warren had in his little finger, so I have no clue what would make someone with so much to offer, opt to end it.

The link takes you to a rather poorly taped video of a fundraiser, but the vocals are impeccable. Enjoy.

We miss you, Warren. I hope you are tearing up the joint with the rest of my heroes.


Anonymous said...

I knew Warren form when he was with Emergency Exit. They played a lot at a bar I worked at called Park Place in El Cajon CA. I was friends with Bram Peterson and his wife Marilynn and also with Richard Augustine their drummer before he passed.Warren was the best vocalist I ever heard. He was a pretty quiet guy. The band played at my wedding but Warren refused. I had gone out with his on again off again girlfriend at the time and he still held a grudge.

Jimmy Wilson said...

I always enjoy hearing comments about warren and the bands he worked with. my expierence with warren started in june of 1977 when warren and Richard came into my bar in la mesa called jimmy wilsons turquoise lounge. the name of their band was trix and the lead singer was a girl named becky. they asked if they could audition, it was a Tuesday afternoon, I said yes . the third number they played was a song called golden lady sung by of course warren. I hired them on the spot told them to keep their equipment on the stage and we worked together for the next 10 years. they changed their name to emergency exit added bram and the rest is history. three great musicians who could cover anything. my name is jimmy Wilson.