Thursday, April 10, 2008

She Finally Jumped Ship -- Good For Her (Randi Rhodes Quits Air America)

"Regrettably, Randi Rhodes has left Air America. Apparently, she decided she’d rather quit than apologize to Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro." The Carpetbagger Report

Air America's Randi Rhodes said suspended for calling Clinton, Ferraro 'whores' - Raw Story

A joint statement from AAR Chairman Charlie Kireker and President Mark Green said, "Last week Air America suspended Randi Rhodes for abusive, obscene language at a recent public appearance in San Francisco which was sponsored by an Air American affililate station. Air America Media was informed last night by Ms. Rhodes that she has chosen to terminate her employment with the company. We wish her well and thank her for past services to Air America." -- Radio Ink

Randi Rhodes Resigns From Air America After Anti-Clinton Rant -- Fox News

And this "routine" was what all the hoopla was about?

Sheesh! I wouldn't apologize either. It was a comic routine for god's sake!

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Anonymous said...

Eats nice to see the Libs eating their own. The whole incident, from crazy Rhodes actions to the end result by AAR, is a microsm of the way Libs operate.