Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Flowers By Georgia O'Keeffe


Back in the late 1990's, when personal computers first started hitting the mass market and I finally broke down and bought one, I played with the paint program that comes with the operating system software. This was one of my first computer drawings. You can tell I'm a fan of Georgia O'Keeffe (grinning).

Nobody sees a flower, really, it is so small. We haven't time - and to see takes time like to have a friend takes time. If I could paint the flower exactly as I see it no one would see what I see because I would paint it small like the flower is small. So I said to myself - I'll paint what I see - what the flower is to me but I'll paint it big and they will be surprised into taking time to look at it - I will make even busy New Yorkers take time to see what I see of flowers. ...Well, I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice my flower you hung all your own associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see of the flower - and I don't. - Georgia O'Keeffe

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