Monday, December 11, 2006

Impractical And Unrealistic

Administration officials say their preliminary review of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group’s recommendations has concluded that many of its key proposals are impractical or unrealistic, and a small group inside the National Security Council is now racing to come up with alternatives to the panel’s ideas.


“You saw that the president used the word ‘victory’ again the next day,” said one of Mr. Bush’s aides. “Believe me, that was no accident.”

Well, there you have it. "Impractical" or "unrealisitc?" Those are words that better describe Bush's foreign policy.

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is ought said...

...and negotiating with terrorist fueling regimes in Iran and Syria is "realistic"?
....and forcing "right of return" on Israel is "realistic"?

Realistic prediction:
The Bush admin will ignore the report's recommendations to surrender from this doddering old fool, James-"fuck the Jews, they didn't vote for us anyway"-Baker.


a word of advice: don't take the blue pills on the same day as the yellow ones.