Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Don't Look Now, But Gas Prices Went Up Right After The Election

Hmmmmm. Now that the oil companies don't have to give Bush and the Republicans cover, they immediately hiked the price of gas up one day after the election. Watch as the price now creeps back up the $1.00 it has dropped the couple of months before the election. Perhaps, we will even see it back to $3.00 a gallon before the year is over.

For background, view my post(s) entitled "Take A Bus, It's Cheaper."


Bob said...

This is the one thing a Repug acquaintance of mine & I agreed on a few weeks ago: They'll keep dropping until Election Day & rise to earn billions from holiday traffic. "These oil guys are smarter than any politicians," he said.

Carrie said...

I love how the oil guys and their lap dog pundits all claim outside forces govern the price of crude, but they are never able to give you exacting and detailed information as to how and why the price rises and lowers. Having covered this for nearly 18 months, from my point of view, there is absolutely NOTHING making the price of gasoline in the United States rise and fall, except the greed of the oil companies and the flacid delivery system known as the automobile.