Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Control The Oil Before They Control The Oil

"Give me a second here, Rush, because I want to share something with you," Bush said. "I am deeply concerned about a country, the United States, leaving the Middle East."

Bush said that he was "worried that rival forms of extremists will battle for power, obviously creating incredible damage if they do so; that they will topple modern governments, that they will be in a position to use oil as a tool to blackmail the West."

"People say, 'What do you mean by that?'" The president continued. "I say, 'If they control oil resources, then they pull oil off the market in order to run the price up, and they will do so unless we abandon Israel, for example, or unless we abandon allies.'"

"You couple that with a country that doesn't like us with a nuclear weapon, and people will look back at this moment and say, 'What happened to those people in 2006?' and those are the stakes in this war we face," Bush said.

Well, there you have it. The Bush Administration’s dip into the new meme about Iraq – that we can never leave there because then bad guys will take over and control the OIL. Finally, the word OIL is being introduced, and it is in direct connection with the word Iraq, and is now being offered as one of the many changing reasons why we have to “stay the course.” This sets up the introduction of the permanent bases that this government has been building, but has been denying they are building, but that everyone connected actually knows are in the process of being built. It has ALWAYS AND FOREVER been about the oil. It was never about WMD, never about deposing a tyrannical dictator, and it most certainly is not about fighting terrorists there so we don’t have to fight them here. It’s about the oil. This government wishes to control the oil in Iraq, and so they basically set out to topple an existing government so that they could “free” Iraqis of their oil. Let’s not forget the months leading up to the war in Iraq that this country was holding business meetings selling off all kinds of Iraqi assets to oil and big business interests. The only thing that prevented all the proposed takeover of Iraq was this government’s miscalculation of Iraqis’ desire to be UNOCCUPIED. History with England should have been a tell tale sign, especially since the British were our supposed allies in this venture.

Watch now. This new need for us to control the oil before they control the oil will be the beginning of redefining the war, and the slow introduction of the “need” for permanent bases in order for us to be able to pull out of Iraq and not risk total domination and control by OIL extremists.

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Bob said...

Shit, we knew it was about oil all along. Bush doesn't want to secure Iraq, he just wants to secure the oil supply. Oil drives the entire foreign policy of the Bush junta.