Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Big High Five To The Leader, Howard Dean

No matter what the final verdict is, Howard Dean has arrived. His 50-state strategy WORKED. That plan let traditionally non-Democratic states become keenly aware that we were there and we were ready to serve.

While Karl Rove hatched schemes that showed how well the Republicans can cheat, Dean did the opposite by simply working the party's ass off to show we're serious about change. The Democrats won. End of story.

Exactly. Without Dean, the netroots would most likely have barked up empty trees. The ability of Dean to stay the course with respect to his 50-state plan, and the ability of the netroots to take that beginning and run with it, was key to the success of last night.

I read Rahm's comment about not letting the so called liberal wing of the party dominate the agenda. What a turd that man is. Hopefully, the next step the Democratic party takes is to get rid of that guy.

H/T to Hoff.

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