Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What A Lamont Victory Means To Me

I'm nervous for today. I'm reading every bit of information I can on the voting in Connecticut. While the outcome affects the constituency in CT, it also impacts me, but for different reasons.

As I've mentioned on this blog now and then, I have never belonged to a political party my entire voting life. I have always voted, I've just never registered for a party. I'm not an Independent, I'm what the box says .. "Declines to state." No party. I have voted mostly for Democrats, but I have also voted for Republicans and for a Green Party and Independent candidate now and then. I voted for Ross Perot.

When GWB was installed in the White House the first time, it bothered me greatly. But, I felt, what can you do? After 9/11, however, and the Iraq build-up, I truly started to be scared. Not for my personal safety, but for the eventuality of this country. The overwhelming disinformation media shocked me into virtual silence, which I overcame by starting this blog. The serious departure from reality that had become the norm for apparently half the American population startled me, and I felt completely alone in my despair.

Blogs helped me out, a lot. It gave me a feeling that I was not really alone, but that my government was truly out of synch with others like me. More importantly, blogs put forth the real view that this country was not truly split 50/50, but that media, with a vested interest, kept that myth alive. The sterile bubble of the 2004 elections really was a turning point for me, for instead of completely dropping out, I got very mad, and began writing this blog.

The anger slowly began to turn to hope when the progressive movement started to pick up steam. I never really ever identified with political movements before, but I relate to the progressives.

I am not in favor of a two party system, but now is not the time for me to blog on that. It is becoming apparent to many that both parties are responsible for the crap we have in Washington that masquerades as representation of Americans. That corporate interests, especially those of big pharma and oil, are what drives Washington. The stealing from the taxpayers is disgusting, and finally, the virtual television set has been tuned in to the Corruption Channel. Americans are waking up to this, slowly, but surely.

Which is why the Lamont/Lieberman race is significant, to me. Lamont represents an aspect of the progressive movement. Lieberman represents the status quo. A Lamont victory signals that progressives have moved a step closer to assisting the American public in retaking its government. I'm proud to be associated with this movement. It brings me back to the hippie days of the late 1960's, when we had political rallies staged with love-ins. Blogging and relating to bloggers has that same spirit of cooperation.

If Lamont wins, I'm drinking heavily tonight, and crying. If Lamont loses, I'm drinking heavily tonight, and crying.

Hopefully, I'll be smiling in my stupor.

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