Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Truth of the Matter

Then-governor Bush of Texas was elevated to the Presidency after a 5-4 Supreme Court majority prevented the counting of all the votes in Florida. Between January and September of 2001, President Bush floundered without legitimacy and was unable to push a policy program. After the 9/11 attacks on the United States, President Bush used the upsurge of patriotism in America to bamboozle the American people first into an ill-advised war in Afghanistan and then into an imperialist adventure in Iraq. Keeping up the wartime patriotic drumbeat, President Bush used a GOP smear machine and the Patriot Act to prevent the political opposition from stopping his march of conquest and repression. In the 2004 election, the truth finally began to filter out but the weakness of the Democratic candidate prevented a full investigation of the stealing of the election via vote fraud in Ohio. Now we are confronted with the facts that Ambassador Wilson and the Downing Street Memos prove conclusively that President Bush diabolically misled the American people into war in Iraq and the GOP smear machine is in full throttle trying to destroy those who have brought the truth to the American people.

Hooray! ButtsForBushBlog finally gets it!

The left needs to be purged from our political system - it is, in the end, the only way we can save it. If we wish to remain free, the left has to go. The best means at hand is to expose the truth - the whole truth - about the left. There's no better place to start this than with the Rove/Plame affair - pulling this thread, we can unravel the whole garment of leftwing thinking. We just have to keep hammering home on the mendacity of the left - but not in isolation; each time a leftwinger says that Karl Rove exposed a covert agent, hit back with, "so, did we go into Iraq for oil?". All of their lies are inter-connected and if we make the connections between them in public, the American people will see the left for what it is and will severely punish any political Party identified with it...

Then again, they may NOT get it.

Then again, as this snowball rushes into hell, they're GONNA GET it (ha ha ha ha).

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