Monday, July 11, 2005

Smoking In The Boys Room

I smell blood. The HeadsInTheSand
DoNotConfuseMeWithTheFacts blog is getting nervous. First they were going to just sit back and watch the lefties foam at the mouth. Now they are called upon to do "spin."

Cliff May over at NRO's The Corner lays out the two Rovian possibilities in the Plame kerfuffle:

1) Rove knowingly exposed a covert CIA agent as a way to "punish" Joe Wilson.

2) Rove was asked why the Bush administration would send someone like Joe Wilson to Africa on a secret mission for the CIA. Rove answered: "We didn’t. His wife works at the CIA. She got him the assignment."

The lefties who have attempted to post here yesterday are all on fire about this - to hear them tell it, Rove is deserving of a firing squad or a hangman's is treason, as our lefties have it, that Rove deliberately leaked the name of Valerie Plame in order to destroy Wilson. One thing I would like clarified: supposing for a moment that Rove did leak a name, how would Plame being noted as an intelligence agent destroy Wilson?

Cliff May goes on to note that the MSM is likely to play up "1" because they smell blood in the water...I'll modify that and say that the MSM will play up "1" because they think they smell blood in the water; there isn't any, actually. No crime was committed - just as in the Downing Street Memos, our lefties are reading things in the Rove story which aren't actually there...there
was no leak of the name; heck, its not even clear whether Rove used a name when describing Wilson's wife. Our lefties and their MSM echo-chamber will run this into the ground for the next week or so, but in the end there's just nothing there. You can't prosecute someone for mentioning someone else's wife.

So this is the spin? You can't prosecute someone for mentioning someone else's wife? THAT'S ALL THEY GOT?
Nice try, but (cough cough) give me another martini. You are obviously just one of the employees. I'd post it on the site, but I've had one post conveniently kept off the board, and I've chosen not to try again.

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