Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Little Right Wing Spin

Here's how they tell it over at those ButtsForBush blog:

As we and other bloggers have extensively demonstrated, there is nothing to the story – Karl Rove didn't "out" a covert CIA agent, the CIA agent was not covert, no one's career was destroyed (indeed, Wilson made a tidy sum out of the affair...and, of course, no one exposed an Administration lie requiring Rovian retaliation because there was no lie to expose; in fact, the only lies told in the case were told by the man, Wilson, who is said to have exposed lies. Wilson lied about what he found vis a vis Saddam's attempt to obtain uranium in Africa; Wilson actually confirmed Administration assertions, reported as much to the CIA and then went out and lied all about it in the New York Times and in the Senate.

The rest of the post is really quite interesting, especially insofar as states what is the obvious (that Bush lied about reasons for going to Iraq), but asks the incredulous question, are you really going to believe this (that Bush lied)?

The left and their MSM echo-chamber are playing with fire here - and, into the bargain, also providing grist for the terrorist propaganda mill. A third rate conspiracy theory has taken on life; it has become real, at least in news reporting. This is the absolutely rock-bottom of where leftwing thinking takes a person - it gets you right down into the anti-Semitic gutter with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. We're actually discussing, when we discuss the Rove/Plame case, whether or not the President of the United States lied to get us into a war for Haliburton profits and Zionist imperialism. Keep that in mind when you read the stories about this - for Rove to have attempted to destroy Plame and/or Wilson, then the reason for the destruction has to be to protect the plan to have America's best and bravest die for oil profits and Likud electoral victories. If you really want to believe that an American President did this with the willing aid of hundreds of other Americans in the Administration and the military, then have at it - you'll be a pig-headed, anti-American idiot, but by all means believe what you wish to believe.

What makes it so funny is that the answer is obviously YES, with capital letters! The FACT that Bush lied is readily apparent to anyone that's not been dead the past two months.


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