Monday, July 18, 2005

Bush Lied To Congress On Iraqi Elections

Bush Legacy = Rigged elections, here and abroad.

I'm glad the shit is finally starting to pour out of this administration's ass. (ewwwwww).

This is an interesting story:

As we know, Bush wanted to provide covert support to Iraqi candidates, undercutting that country's burgeoning democracy and endangering the long-term faith of the Iraqi people in their government. (Time magazine first reported on this in October of 2004.) Bush was stymied by Congress, which strongly objected.

But did Bush go ahead and do it anyway? The New Yorker has the expose.

A State Department official confirmed that there was an effort to give direct funding to certain candidates. “The goal was to level the playing field, and Allawi was not the sole playing field,” he said. Warrick was not operating on his own, the State Department official said. “This issue went to high levels, and was approved”—within the State Department and by others in the Bush Administration, in the late spring of 2004....

The Bush family just can't get enough of fixing elections, it seems. I can tell you where they can stick the purple finger.

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