Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why No 9/11 Post

Every year, I post something about 9/11. I purposely did not post yesterday, and there was a reason.

A number of bloggers, as well as some editorials I read during the weekend preceding 9/11, made a point that I found myself agreeing with. That was, why keep "peeling the scab off" every year? Is this for political gain? Is it really necessary? There have been some comments to the many posts and editorials comparing 9/11 to Pearl Harbor (12/7), with the caveat that with age, the dire memories of the event fade, and the emotional toll evaporates. Questions abound as to whether those who have actual painful memories of having lived through 12/7 are around such that EVERY 12/7 they relive that infamous day, and would we, as a generation, eventually feel more stoic and less emotional on 9/11. I don't know the answer, but this year, it sort of rolled by me. Yes, I did watch some more 9/11 footage on the television. Who would not, when aside from emotional reactions, we have 11 years of knowledge as to what occurred leading up to those tragic events. And, yes, I am still hungry for that knowledge, because as most of us now know, the Bush administration was lax in preparing for, let alone understanding the threat, as they were much more interested in linking Saddam Hussein and Iraq to these tragic terrorist attacks than they were to ascribing the true source to Saudi Arabian trained terrorists and Osama Bin Laden! Let us not forget the ties that bind Bush, et al. with Saudi Arabia.

Anyway ... of course, I will never forget, as the mantra goes. But, do I feel the need to join the cacophonous chorus of MSM/politicians that sound the drumbeat of war every year on this anniversary? No. I silently now observe the day, with my own personal memorial (and yes, I do have a 9/11 memorial shelf in my library), and grieve personally for the sadness of that day.

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