Monday, May 02, 2011

Bin Laden's Death Does Not Change Anything

I've read a lot about the Bin Laden killing all morning, with everything from sheer joy, that he was buried at sea "according to the Islamic concept of speedy burial" to claims that Obama's "base" did not want him to catch the guy (from Scarborough and his ilk). I am pretty sure the latter sentiment is just the same old crap from the same old crappy people, who just have to take a jab at the top guy on any subject.

I am personally ambivalent about it. Yes, I am glad the man was finally found, as what happened on 9/11 deeply affected me, and still does to this day. But, did we send in special snipers or whatnot to kill Tim McVeigh? No, we arrested him, tried him, and executed him.

9/11 became the neocons' rallying cry to overthrow a dictator, a populist event. The America I had grown up believing was a just country, came down crashing during the Watergate era for me, and I learned then, and later with the Reagan era, that this country supported more vicious dictators, oligarchs and royalty than I ever imagined. It was all very "hush hush" and kept under wraps and denied in public, but 9/11 tore the lid off of it. Since 9/11, America's leadership has been brazen about invading countries, murdering innocent people, and basically having the same amount of blood on its hands as those that preceded, such as Nero of Rome, Napoleon, and Hitler. Not unlike the Catholic crusades of the mid centuries, America, spouting it's "Christianity" has taken it up as its mission, "regime change," as a further excuse to topple governments in the middle east (now that we don't have the big boogie man, Red Communist Russia to beat our chests and get into a war frenzy). Has this stopped the Taliban or the spread of al-Qaeda? No. Has this decreased terrorism and threats of terrorism against America? No. Has this drained American resources to the point that we support financially more wars and more rebuilding of the damage we do from these wars at the expense of our own people? Yes. Is there logic in this form of governing? No.

It saddens me that instead of developing into a world of peace, we, as Americans, are at the forefront of bigotry and hate, gleefully cheering on death and destruction, overtly and all in the name of 9/11.

Am I glad he is "gone?" Yes. But I would have preferred he go the American way, arrested, tried and executed. Today's American form of justice, from holding American citizens such as Pfc. Manning, without formal charges, to the travesty that is known as Gitmo, to Obama's "shoot to kill" orders for Anwar Al-Awlaki (a U.S. citizen abroad), sickens me. How can we say we are a nation of laws when lawlessness is our number one priority?

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